SURA’s Productive 2-Day Offsite Meeting: Fostering Agency Growth and Exploring New Opportunities


Our management team recently held an amazing 2-day offsite session where we discussed business strategies and growth opportunities for SURA and our Strata Agencies. The session was a great opportunity for our team to connect, collaborate, share ideas, and build stronger relationships. During the offsite meeting, we engaged in dynamic discussions, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative workshops focused on maximising agency growth.

On day 2, we organised a picturesque lunchtime boat cruise along the iconic Sydney Harbour. This leisurely excursion provided a valuable opportunity to foster closer relationships within our team while reflecting on the exciting possibilities for SURA and our agency partners.

We thank our dedicated team for their active participation, insightful contributions, and unwavering commitment to our collective growth. Stay tuned as we unveil exciting developments and celebrate the achievements that arise from our commitment to developing our agency network.