Highlights from the SURA Construction & Engineering Conference


The SURA Construction and Engineering team recently held their annual Con & Eng conference in McLaren Vale. It was an amazing experience for the attendees, filled with valuable insights from the facilitators and exciting team building activities. It was great to see everyone’s contributions as well as to catch up with the group.

While the conference was held for the attendees to report on and learn about different aspects of the agency and industry, there was also a fundamental component of fostering connections and collaboration. This was done with team building activities, which were a highlight for all that attended. Whether it was taking to the skies on a tree-top adventure or building towers out of wooden skewers to see which could withstand a Cat 5 cyclone, each activity presented an opportunity to have fun and bring the team closer.

The conference group also got to hear several thought-provoking and informative talks about current product offerings, the past year’s performance from a marketing perspective and about a few exciting developments to come.

A huge thanks to the Construction and Engineering team for an awesome couple of days!