A Big Welcome to SURA Specialty


SURA is pleased to welcome another one of our market-leading underwriters into the SURA-branded family, with Lawsons Underwriting Australasia continuing its evolution as SURA Specialty.

Making a difference when it matters, SURA Specialty has a proven track record of dealing in hard to place liability risks in sectors that are critical to both the economy and to broker businesses.

From rail, to mining, and from nightclubs, to medical, the team combines specialist underwriting minds with liability coverage up to $250 million to make placing hard liability risks easier.

SURA Specialty’s managing director Kevin Corkery says SURA Specialty’s products and offering are designed to meet the specialist liability risks faced by clients in the sectors in which it operates.

“We meet hard to place liability risks in diverse sectors like rail, nightclubs, chemical manufacturers, importers and distributors, and property owners with quality, purpose built cover,” Corkery says.

Taking on the SURA name, Corkery says brokers and clients can expect the same focused approach to complex liability risks to be paired with additional depth in service and new opportunity.

SURA managing director Angie Zissis says in recent years SURA has become home to a growing number of agencies and products, all chosen for their exceptionalism in core industry niches.

“Having SURA Specialty join our family of SURA-branded agencies means we can now talk more effectively to customers about the liability risks we can insure in a range of different sectors.”

In line with SURA’s reputation, he said brokers can expect the same intelligent approach to purpose built products, each individually crafted from the ground up to serve chosen industry niches.

“SURA is able to deliver insurance with both insight and passion because we know the risks our industries face better than anyone else. We’re glad that now includes the SURA Speciality team.”

When taken together, SURA’s family of agencies now represents a powerhouse of specialist insurance, able to put brokers and their clients at ease by putting them ahead of the curve.